Ditching Tradition for the (Off)Road Less Traveled 

Eloping your way is all that matters–whether that’s an off-road wedding in the Utah desert, on pavement in your favorite national park, or exploring a trail together on your own two feet.
I’m here to help you create, experience, and always remember the Utah elopement of your dreams. 

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What is an adventure elopement?

There are tons of adventure elopement definitions floating around out there on the internet. But do you want my opinion? The only definition of adventure elopement that matters is yours.

All you need for an adventure elopement is the love of your life, a passion for an intentional wedding, and a desire to explore and appreciate the great outdoors.

The rest of that formula is totally up to you! You and your love can:
  • Embark on an off-road adventure in a 4x4 vehicle to a remote, wild Utah location
  • Hike a secluded trail to the perfect elopement ceremony spot
  • Indulge in the ultimate picnic while soaking in stunning Utah scenery
  • Explore Utah’s state and national parks to your hearts’ content

And that’s just a few suggestions. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for the perfect-for-you elopement day.
So, ask yourself–what does an adventure look like to you two?

Click here to see some elopement ideas, and a little information about these fun-filled adventures!

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Imagine turning off the paved road, onto a dirt path, and heading out to a spot in the middle of the Utah wilderness that’s all yours. When you and your partner choose an off-road elopement, you choose to adventure, access, and privacy–not to mention any level of thrill-seeking you’re after. Whether you’re looking to have an epic off-road wedding where you tackle the toughest lines, or you’re simply looking for an off-pavement adventure that’s stress-free and sweet, taking your elopement off-road could be the perfect pick. 

off-road elopements

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Hiking elopement adventures

Hiking elopements are iconic for a reason. If you and your partner love to explore the outdoors, set your sights on beautiful views, and let your own two feet lead you to stunning spots, I highly recommend a hiking elopement in Utah. Iconic viewpoints, amazing trails, and secret spots are my specialty! Whether you’re seeking a challenging but amazing hike for your first adventure as a married couple or you just want to explore to your heart’s content, I’ve got the perfect trail waiting for you. 

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Zion National Park Wedding

Zion National Park is the ultimate destination for couples seeking an iconic Utah elopement. The good news? Zion National Park is my backyard–and that means I’ve got tons of advice, pro tips, and amazing spots for you to explore on your wedding day. You can explore, hike, off-road, or any other combination of amazing activities for an epic elopement day in Zion NP.  

Seeking an On-Pavement Utah Wedding? I’m Still Your Girl 

I love the experience, intimacy, and access an off-road elopement can give you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have all those things without driving on the dirt. I’ve got plenty of secret spots to help you experience the solace and sweetness of a wild Utah elopement –all without ever having to take your tires off the tracks.

Whether you want a Zion National Park wedding, a hiking adventure elopement, or something unique to you entirely–if it’s off the beaten path, that’s kind of my specialty.

The good news? Your definition of adventure is up to you. The better news? I’m here for all of it.

I'm Casandrah.

I’m an off-road loving, experience-first, local Utah elopement photographer with a passion for blending outdoor adventures of every kind with the most authentic wedding days possible. When you team up with me, you get more than just a photographer to deliver epic photos of your elopement day–you’ll also get an adventure BFF, an off-roading pro, a local Utah expert, a candid moment extraordinaire, and an experience-over-everything enthusiast who’s there to encourage you every step of the way.

I’m lucky enough for Southern Utah to be my expansive, amazing playground–that means every moment I’m not helping couples create their perfect Utah wedding days, I’m out there exploring every mile (on and off-road) with my own family.

From secret spots for the perfect secluded ceremony to the inside scoop on planning the best Zion National Park wedding, I’ve got you and your partner covered.

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Taking Your Dream Utah Wedding Off-Pavement with the Local Utah Elopement Photographer

Wild deserts, stunning slot canyons, iconic vistas–my backyard is one of a kind. Living in southern Utah means I have the unique opportunity to explore these locations–on four wheels and my own two feet–as often as humanly possible. That means I’ve got the inside scoop on the best spots, the wildest views, untouched trails, and the greatest local vendors.

Do you want epic scenery without the Zion National Park crowds? I’ve got you. Seeking a spot you’ve never seen on Instagram before? You’re covered. From secret spots to off-road treasure troves, my local Utah expertise is all yours.


"she blended into the background while we adventured & explored"

Casandrah is not only the best photographer we could have dreamt to have for our wedding day, but she’s also one of the most genuine, kindhearted people we’ve ever met. She made us feel calm and helped us pull everything together so quickly. She listened to what our vision was for our day, made suggestions, and once we were decided on a plan, she even took initiative to book our off-road adventure. She made us both feel so comfortable, she honestly felt like a friend we’d known for years.
She’s so good at what she does - she blended into the background while we adventured & explored (those were our favorite photos), and she gave us direction when we needed it to get a few shots that were a little more posed, all while sharing some laughs. We’re so, so grateful Casandrah was a part of the most important day of our life, not only as a photographer capturing it through her lens, but also as a new friend making memories with us that’ll last a lifetime.

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"She exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful for the memories"

Casandrah is perfect. We were looking at photographers and we didn’t really know what we wanted. We saw one of her off road photos and it helped us visualize and identify our wants.

We ended up doing our traditional wedding with family and friends on a Thursday and on Friday we went wheeling! It was just us and our close family. It was perfect. She exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful for the memories I get to relive whenever I want!

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